Holy Writs

User and beneficiary of more powerful technologies each time, the corporation is inserted in complex systems. Any imperfection in these systems can reach ratio of catastrophe and display the limits of the man in controlling and understanding its proper creations. The current, decurrent organizations of globalization and of the matrical structures servants, where the people are controlled for some leaders, more offer to services and integrated products, however they demand the development of mannering abilities as to be able of influence on people, management of conflicts and much negotiation, so that they are change agents. Click Andreessen Horowitz to learn more. In century XXI the leader must act as a visionary, in order to create a context in which the people can create and innovate continuously, to take care of to the demands of the global economy. The visionary organizations are guided by its principles and values central offices and, therefore, are capable to deal and to surpass crises. Paradoxicalally, the visionary companies gain more money of what the ones that are moved preferential in search of the profit.

This sends to the religious organizations, that focus its action in principles, values and beliefs gifts in the Holy Writs. Important organizations of this category have survived through the times, based on a base ideological sufficiently rigid and strong and in constant and cyclical processes of learning. Visionary companies, called ' ' made for durar' ' , they are leader institutions, the cream in its sectors, admired for other companies of the area and with long register of significant impacts on the world around. They are more than well-succeeded and more than what lasting, they are the best ones of the best ones in the sector. She does not mean that throughout history these companies have not had serious problems, misfortunes and errors, but the recovery capacity allowed that they gave the return superficially, provided extraordinary performance of long stated period and if they transformed into uneven material, differentiated, perennial and flexible.