Idea Work

To write this article pushed me another question. The essence of it was that – he was offered the job, if I knew that there needs to be done. After a short conversation revealed the following fact, which fundamentally changed the business – job offer came to him by e-mail. The essence is simple: he needs to have a purse in the payment system. At a purse every day will come sum of money, but the post office a letter indicating how to a wallet and how much of this amount will have to translate. Salary (such work) – about $ 200 per month. However, there is a small reservation. Since the case is connected with money, then such work to the first comer to entrust it is impossible – there is a chance that it just will not transfer money to people from the list.

Therefore, in order to be fully confident in him, they offered to send them 200 rubles to them through their partner did it personal certificate, which will ensure that people with money can not be hidden. So a friend and wanted to know – what complexity in such work. The question is standard, nothing surprising in this, all the normal people in this facility, consult with others about their upcoming work. Let me draw your attention to another interesting fact – he was asked specifically about the complexity of the work, not about what can it mean. On the surface everything really decently – the person asked to get a personal certificate to be sure that he did not throw them.