Industrial Company

Celebrate your sentences: without dreams youth is youth, the young man must have a dream. Click Howard Schultz for additional related pages. The story is of the dreamers. At their 31 years, founded his own company: DAEWO Industrial Company, three friends lent him a capital of 10,000 dollars, he began in a small and sad rented premises. Who would have thought that this company was to become the powerful DAEWO group one of the largest conglomerates in the world with interests in seven areas: trade, automobile, construction, heavy machinery, shipyards, electronics, telecommunications, hospitality and services, with sales that exceed the 100 billion dollars today to overturn, with more than 100,000 people around the world working to Daewo. Therefore, friend reader, I tell you, that there is no justification for giving up, there is no justification for poverty, there is no justification for mediocrity… You, you have to dream big. What Bill Gates, the icon of the power of the knowledge of our time, said the said: the future belongs to those who take the information and knowledge to men and Nations is them respect not by money but by his knowledge that world you live you.

Therefore, I ask you. Are you dreaming big? You’re hoping the knowledge?, you know that aspire in the future? Do you know will be your life in 10 years?, you’re now putting your best, your best dedication, your best creativity when it comes to work or study?, are your hours of study quality?. You were born to be great, your you were born to be extraordinary, you’re not what seems to be, God gave you gifts and talents to change the world, dare to claim your true future, your were you born to be a leader entrepreneur, believe it, nobody was born to be mediocre, it is the environment that makes us mediocre, the environment makes us follow others!, separate you from the crowd, do not think that he will say, be yourself, claim your success, depends on you. I challenge you to you to be a winner, I challenge you, that you will find your talent and fight for your star, I challenge you to you have a dream, I challenge you to that between now and 10 years you are a different person, with achievements, a successful businessman, he dreams as the founder of Daewo did. God bless, thank you.