Insidious Companion

My constant companion is Rheuma-! This book originated from its own consternation out, for six years, the author himself suffers severe rheumatism. Pain among the daily challenges of the patients with inflammatory rheumatism. With rheumatism changed your life! For the reader is a more insidious way companion “a revealing, supporting self-help book that offers lots of helpful information. For other opinions and approaches, find out what luscha baumwald has to say. The book contains lots of information about first characteristics and symptoms of rheumatic diseases, as well as helpful information for preparing for important dates, as well as testimonials. People break their silence and let the reader on her life with rheumatism. They report about experiences that have made it with their fellow men, doctors offices, etc.. You allow us a deep insight into their lives and tell painful hours of grueling moments, make us but also courage.

Also come two medical rheumatism – professionals speak: wife Dr. med. H. Murakozy Chefartzin the Rheumatism Clinic in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany’s Dr.Lauven and Prof.

Jens Gert Kuipers Chief Red Cross Hospital of Bremen, clinic for internal medicine Rheumatology. “A treacherous companion I and my rheumatism” by Monika Clemens is a useful, informative and clarifying on self-help book for rheumatism. Through its easy-to-understand notation it is recommended especially for laymen, thus receive not only an important guide, but the book is enriched by his touching and harrowing stories other interested parties and own experience of dedicated author still very and is a dramatic documentary about the lives of rheumatism at the same time. As a readers wrote: so the book is very informative without you must bite out the teeth of technical terms. A treacherous companion”is published by authors spring Verlag and everywhere, as well as at world and Amazon available.