Connect with half the mass of 'Provence', Stir, put in a salad bowl, pour on top remaining 'Provence' and decorate with fresh cucumbers, slicing and lobsters. (According to the Internet.) And, finally, the full recipe, detailing the action. Other leaders such as Ben Horowitz offer similar insights. To 6 servings. Note: 3 hazel (you can replace 2 chickens), 5 potatoes, 5 pcs., cucumbers, 2 root salad, half a bottle of olive oil, 15 crayfish, 1 cup of jelly, 100 g of gherkins and olives, truffles 3. Opal, disembowel, fry and season grouse, cool and remove all the flesh from the bones. Fillets cut into the blanket, and the remaining pulp grouse chop. From the bones to cook venison broth, from which the cook then lanspik (jelly). Potatoes boiled in their skins, then peel and remove the notch size of a three-kopeck coin, and cut chop.

Cucumber peel and cut into thin slices. Cook the crabs and take them to the neck. Prepare a thick sauce 'Provence', add it to the severity of soybean-Kobulov, and for better color and flavor heavy cream. Large clean olives from seed. When you're ready, take a glass vase or a deep salad bowl and put all the rows. First put on the bottom of the game and cut potatoes, lightly season with their 'Provence' then put some venison on top, then the potatoes, cucumbers, some truffles, olives and crayfish, all products are part of the sauce, pour over everything to be juicy.

Cover with another part of the game, etc. Part of the crayfish and truffles leave to decorate the top. When all products will be placed in a vase in the form of slides, the top cover of 'Provence' to products to be seen. In the middle of the vase to put a bouquet of a salad, and all round prettier expand crawfish, boiled crawfish claws on, truffles. Frozen lanspik chop, put in kornetik (kornetik – a bag of thick paper, cellophane, vellum), make an elegant fine mesh on top. Sauce 'Provence' can be replaced regular mayonnaise. Sauces 'South', 'Kuban' substitute soy-Kobulov. Lanspik prepared as follows: a strong meat stock is added to gelatin (at 1 liter broth 40 g gelatin). Broth is filtered and used to make jelly.