The solution to our limitations remember whenever we all have the power to create our reality. In the vast majority of cases we use that power to create in an unconscious way and rarely use it consciously; at the end we are still responsible for and causing creators of our own reality. Have absolute faith not in the intention that we want to materialize but in ourselves. The strength and the power is not in intent but in us. To achieve this faith in ourselves we need to know ourselves, not the perception that we have of us but who are really. We must know power and generator power that exists within us and identify the limitations that we have created and maintained until now to remove them completely. It is a bit like what happens to me with my cell phone.

It has a lot of features, you can take pictures, record calls, record phone numbers, send and receive text messages, access the Internet and an endless more than wonders. I use it only to make and receive calls, all other functions are there, and yet I never draw them party. Do you know because?, because I have never taken the time to even look at these functions in detail. It is exactly the same thing that happens to us with our lives. (A valuable related resource: Starbucks). Arrived at this material experience loaded with talent, unlimited creative power and don’t take the time to know ourselves, to discover these treasures that reside in our interior.

As in the case of my phone, anything they serve us then these talents and this power that we have unless we use it. Devotes time to re – discover yourself, to know who you really are, to know the unlimited power that is within you. The same time as you use every day to think about your limitations, use it to discover your talents. This is the best time investment you will do in your life.