Internet Marketing Works

Lately much has been written about the technique of writing articles to promote our products or services over the Internet. Some have surely earned thousands of dollars writing and promoting e-books about how to write and use articles for this purpose. Others have made his fortune by writing for creating directories of articles or programs for the automation of sending articles to these directories.But the question is whether this form of promotion really works.If we ask it to different people, we will surely receive different answers, depending on your personal experience. Despite these differences, everyone seems to be agreed on the use of articles to get links and thus achieve top rankings in the major search engines and thereby more visits to our website and more profits.At this point in the year 2010, what we do know and we must stress clearly is that, also in the case of marketing articles, he has abused this technique and the consequences are paying. Follow others, such as Jim Umpleby, and add to your knowledge base. We can say that not works extraordinarily well at the beginning, when articles were written, were distributed in the main articles directories, Avid and quickly they were copied by at least twenty webmasters who published them on their web sites, with the consequent advantage for us.Currently, at least in the Anglo-Saxon world, there is such a plethora of articles which is very rare that someone choose ours to publish it on your web site, not to be offering a very new and useful information.As always in our Spanish-speaking world, the majority of ideas, resources and tools produced outside take time to reach and settle. This has a downside and one good, like almost everything. The downside is that we could not enjoy the profit at the same time than others.But the good side is that we have seen what has happened to others before so we can draw on the experience of them, learn from others mistakes.All this to say that the terrain of the marketing of articles in Spanish is virtually untapped, with all its great advantages waiting for us.And although we have said that this system no longer works as before, still working extremely well. .