Jose Antonio Diaz

As flirting or conquer the women has been forever a great hurdle that men must face at some point in their lives, whether children, adolescents or adults, this by the unpredictable behavior of the women in this area of your life, this course from the point of view of men. But there is good news for the male gender, thanks to the Internet today it is possible to access a lot of information related to the behavior of women in the field of romantic relationships today we know for example that many of those behaviors in understandable for men has to do with atavistic lags coming of the age of the cavesTherefore we must understand that many attitudes of women are unaware. Here are some tricks to flirt women that you can use as understand for example the fact that women say to love a man who pleases them, buy them flowers, make them invitations etc., and when they have this kind of man they leave it or do not respect him, this is due to that in reality women they prefer a man that is in charge of the situation, as the decide when doing this kind of attention almost that treats them indifferently. In summary not wanting a clown that handled at your whim, this bored them deeply. This trait of women must handle it with great subtlety to bind them or conquer, because if not you would pass to be a despot, therefore we must always seek a balance in this respect. Women love the mystery, you slowly get to know why do not tell you immediately your life in the first appointments, always book them a surprise, so will keep it interested to know you.

Women like to be interesting, so they want to a type be able to speak of something more than the last football game, therefore also cultivate your intellect but without falling into the divismo, or intellectual arrogance. Women want to flirt with someone who has an objective well defined for their lives they want to know that you are trying to achieve something, i.e. they want to know what you want from life. To flirt women want a man who has confidence in himself, therefore if you approach a girl and you seem clumsy and shy fracasaras, so improving this aspect of your personality. If you want to conquer or link to a woman you should you tell the way and not upside down, them. They don’t want to talk about what we do, simply want you to show them the way and do it. You have to be fun and entertaining, therefore if you want to conquer it don’t you bored with your favorite hobby or do not take it to the football game that she hates. Gives you a woman who is trying to link small and unexpected gifts, should not be very expensive, because women may think that you are trying to buy their affection, which means you’re not more of a challenge for her. Make sure you put time and thought into the gift, a strategy to come up with something that will surprise it is to pay attention to what she says that you like, for example a CD of his favorite band.