Kinetic Ramps

That are the ramps Kinetic Kinetic is a system very simple and very interesting to produce energy that surely will have an important role in the future.They are a few ramps that are placed on the streets or highways. When the car passes over it produces energy. Cars or vehicles pass over the ramps and sent the energy. A line of cars or traffic that happened frequently over the ramps can generate 10-36 Kw of electrical power. There are many sites such as the centres of cities, shopping centers or supermarkets that are planning to put them to control the speed, in this case, in addition to controlling the speed ramp has the function de-producir energy. The cost of each one of them is the 1st between 20,000 and 50,000 euros, but generate fall 5,000 to 15,000 euros of energy a year. That is the cost of the investment can be recovered by them within three to five years. We believe that it is very good product that is worth studying its feasibility in many places such as airports, supermarkets, car parks or any site where There is a flow of traffic, for example a system like this on highways could produce a lot of the energy needed to give light to the traffic lights.. Click Daybreak Games to learn more.