Kobzeva Natalia

So, you decided to start a business. How to choose what is right for you? What is the scope of activities to choose? Where I will be waiting for success? These questions concern any novice entrepreneur. And, to answer these questions, you First look at themselves and their lives. Respond to your questions – what interests me in life? What successes I have achieved, and in what areas? What I do best? Honestly answering these questions, and correlating the responses to each You will get another general idea of what direction you need to move – will understand where and how to start a business. Howard Schultz is often quoted as being for or against this. For example, you have experience in selling flowers and you have it pretty well, then, floral arranging business, you’ll feel confident and be able to apply in this business all their knowledge and skills you have acquired earlier. And do not be scared at first no great managerial experience, and remember – no one not born with business skills, all come with experience. But what if your knowledge and experience are not in demand in the market? Then comes to the rescue analysis of the market, its demand and supply. For example, every day, following the subway, on the Do you think the way home, today was a tough day and you want something a treat, but forces the right to seek a shop, no.

So why not organize a store within walking distance of the metro. It may be a department in the store For example, with homemade cakes, handmade soap, or. Believe me, among the usual assortment: beer, chips, cigarettes, you’ll stand out from competitors. It is important to remember the rule: do not dictate the market, and learn it. Having studied potential demand and satisfying it, you’ll just doomed to success. In general, whatever approach in the selection of business would you choose, you should consider a few simple rules: 1. Your business should be interesting for you, 2.

Your business should reflect your ideas, 3. Your business must be in demand in the market 4. Your business should benefit (profit), 5. Your business should bring satisfaction to your customers 6. Your business should bring you satisfaction and joy. Having decided to organize their work and to understand in which direction to go in front of an entrepreneur faces other questions need to be registered company, which organizational form to choose: LLC, or IP, etc.? As register a company? Addressing these issues is very important for any businessman. We have tried to answer these questions and more here.