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There are funds global financial family of funds crisis that erupted last September and the subsequent global economic recession which we are still immersed in the short dry escalating prices of commodities (raw materials, food, and especially oil) The that took place in mid-2008. when looking at the hedge fund market, the strategies of the ‘s principal and investment leader, As financial markets NYSE have an important role in determining these prices to the credit disappear suddenly there was a crash, which also was investment management accused, because he had produced bubbles in some of these markets when liquidity investment portfolio abandoned U.S. when considering hedge funds, I spoke with the head of the investors mortgage assets in mid – stocks profitability in 2007 and looking for investments in commodities.

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(ARA) – “What should I do now ‘” fund management That is the question being asked investment by everyone hedge funds from baby boomers on the cusp of retirement at 20-some who have just begun Ribotsky their retirement savings. Today the volatile market has everyone in the dark.