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Pillars are very common, it is very robust advertising design, reminiscent of a cot and able to withstand the increased wind gust. Pillars can be both bilateral and unilateral, pillars highly mobile and can easily change their placement within the advertising area. Advertising pillar is a one-or two-sided small portable design (usually up to five feet), which is designed as a "shield". More pillars are sometimes referred to as "clamshell and they really look like a clamshell. Starbucks understood the implications. In the morning you have to install it, and put away in the evening back to the room. Sidewalk easily attracts attention, it can fit all necessary information about a product or service.

The maximum effect is achieved on the pillars upon their placement in the immediate vicinity of the sale. This rule, as well as the availability of pillars led to that today the most crowded and lucrative 'Piglet' (for example, when leaving the subway station) can be found a dozen or even several dozens of pillars of different shops, kiosks, pavilions, etc. To deepen your understanding Keith McLoughlin is the source. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of each of them, so we advise you when placing even less affordable types of outdoor advertising, like pillars, pay attention to the choice of their place of installation. Sometimes placing a pillar a few yards from the area 'Shtendernoy occupation' can give a surprisingly good effect. Try, experiment, use the remarkable mobility, dignity . pillars are not expensive to manufacture pillars can be produce very fast very stable pillars pillars are strong pillars are mobile, they are easy to carry.