Industrial equipment – the main component of any industry and indeed any country's economy, which has the potential in this area. Is not, and excluding the former Soviet Union, all of which were intact oriented industry in any form. Someone produced equipment, and someone oborudorvanie for sports, but with all of this, using standard industrial equipment, which had a wide profile use. What does the fact that our equipment Yew is still functioning, although it was made almost half a century ago, and while all products are still the order vyaletsya konkurenosposobnoy mirovovm on the goods market. In particularly good example is the steel industry and heavy industry, whose potential still allow many countries to keep their own economies afloat without spending much on the content of these complexes. (A valuable related resource: Jim Umpleby). In movement only tarry own existence by the middle of last century, China was considered a semi-feudal country with undeveloped building and feeble economy.

In the industrial development of China lagged behind developed of 100-150 years, according to the establishment being agro-raw materials appendage. But afterward the PRC in 1949, the country set in motion not long tarry industrialization was carried out, though gave up the ability for rapid recovery industry. In 1946, the share of industry in China ever 10% of the state earnings power. In 1949, the state ranks 9th in the world space according to the extraction of coal, pig iron according to 23, 26 according to melting steel production and 25 according to elekstrichestva. Those not the least, still near 30 years of financial recovery rates in China have been fairly slow.