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Or take athletes as another example: these are often sicker than less sporty. However, definitely, lack of exercise leads to physical problems. A principle has proven both in sport and in many aspects of life: the right balance. Just as you should handle it with their capital. We make the comparison: water stay liquid, say liquid! Provide nutrients for the right interest rate! Flexible stay moving! Act setting intelligent and self-confident! Use the right products! The experience and this example teach that you should put your money on a card, so on a form of investment. As a good strategy that has splitting”of capital, proven.

Keep we at our example, then this means: 1 insert a portion of your money in the short term on. to be always liquid. Many German households wirschaften iin a very limited budget. This has its causes, not always in a low income, too much money down spent can restrict the financial scope, especially in unforeseen changes of income sensitive. You can bridge a financial bottleneck with a credit in the short term, but a glance at German accounts shows a different picture: many companies and households exploit their credit as a long-term loan.

That’s more expensive purchased money, and here is a conversation with the Bank on a long-term loan. There are even many households that have applied their money over the long term and permanent overdraw their account. It offsets the high cost of the credit with the returns from the investment, a negative result comes out on balance. The credit or overdraft is one of the most expensive loans. This agreement should only very short-term financial difficulties be bridged. And there is hardly a money system that could adequately cover costs of overdraft facilities. Who in the long run makes most of his money must clearly be, that a medium-term bottleneck can be an expensive game.