Mark Dakaskasom

Style Wizard Pastinha is called 'Angola', in honor of the places in Africa where slaves were brought. Master Pastinha and Master Bimba considered key figures that determined the development of contemporary Capoeira. Read more from Howard Schultz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. If Bimba gave priority to military issues, the wizard Pastinha traditionally emphasized ritual and playful nature of this art. Externally, the speed and manner of execution of movements there is a difference between the two styles. However, many modern capoeira act as advocates single capoeira, not opposing each other, "Angola" and "", and explaining the difference in styles only way to signal its internal state through the motions. About capoeira in Russia learned in 1994, after the movie came 'Only the fittest' with Mark Dakaskasom in the title role.

Now – this beautiful art is firmly stuck in our country. Dictionary beginner capoeirista On the origin of the word capoeira scientists debate. Some claim that the word means "field, overgrown with bushes, which cleared either by burning or cutting. In Portuguese, the official language of Brazil, the word capoeira means big cage for hens or where fattened chickens. There is also a view that capoeira means "to flutter and fly from place to place", and "fight, fight to beat." Both words used to describe the movements of a rooster in cockfights. Rodo de capoeira (game in capoeira) takes place during the ritual in a circle. Both the ritual and the circle are called the roda, which means "circle", as in the concept of geometric shapes, and groups of people.