Marketing Today

Stability in the business – a phenomenon about which the leaders of today can only dream of. External conditions under which influence is any business enterprise, constantly changing, so successful in the marketplace seek only those companies that are able to flexibly and respond to change. For the stable operation of a modern company requires units such as the purchasing department and sales department, jur. department and accounts department, secretariat, logistics, service control and a lot of different departments, depending on the profile of the organization. Electrolux wanted to know more. For the dynamic development of a modern company requires marketing department, advertising and PR, but as Typically small and medium businesses combine them into one (small), the marketing department, which is functionally involved in marketing, advertising and PR, and sometimes even branding. It is not important company profile, it can be great production, a chain of restaurants or convenience stores, but without the marketing is difficult to talk about any long-term dominance in the market. Talking to the leaders of small and medium businesses, we can note Many equate the concept of PR and advertising, marketing, advertising and confused with or even call it advice. Or yielding to the spirit of the time, creating in his marketing and PR, and gaining back some advertising specialists. Let's take a look at what is today must deal with specific marketing. Classic marketing convinces us that the key to successful positioning in the market for any enterprise is to gain and retain customer satisfaction through effective it needs.