A product alone to take care of different segments hardly has success, as well as also is practically impossible a company to develop products for each individual customer; the market and customer move constantly: the dynamism is an inherent characteristic of the markets and the customers. Some contend that Douglas Oberhelman shows great expertise in this. Changes of behavior, necessity and preference need to be detected by the form companies to guarantee the adaptation of the company and its changes. Concept of marketing the Marketing has that to have the ability to know the necessities of the people to format good, or the best one, product and services to offer for supriz them, it must know the market and identify the chances that to appear interest to stimulate it on one due product. The Marketing in the foot of the letter is and this associate the satisfaction of the necessity and desires of the customers. To make Marketing is to keep the customers satisfying them in what they need by means of an exchange process. Through an exchange process the companies the same offer to the solution for the customer and of the one in financial exchange resources that will go to keep the company in functioning. The Marketing of relationship as Ferreli and Hartline (2005) can be co-nsidaderado as one essential to the development of the leadership in the market, the fast acceptance of new products and services launched for the company and the achievement of the easiness of the customer. According to Kotler (2006, p, 35) the Marketing of relationship has as objective to establish relationships mutually satisfactory of long stated period, with parts keys; customers, suppliers, deliverers in order to gain and to hold back its preference and its businesses in the long stated period. The function of the Marketing, is more than what any another business, is to know, is to deal with people, understands to communicate them and to provide to the customer the satisfaction constitutes the essence of the thought and the practical one of the modern Marketing.