Matroskin Cartoon

This article was not born by chance. On the Internet you will find lots of information on eBay and most of the information on how to easily, quickly and perfectly to make money, as well as numerous algorithms for registration and Answers to the question – what to sell (article: 'The truth about phones for $ 0.99'). This, of course, there is a grain of truth, but most importantly it is not. The main thing – it's approach to the work at auction. That's what we'll talk.

Below are six terms, which will lead you to success. First, discard the view that this is a freebie, and did not spent any work you will earn millions. In some books they write: '… I dug around in his home and found a bunch of useless things (Teddy bear, an old camera, old radio, Soviet stamps, etc., etc.), put it all on the auction and paid a lot of money …. '. Stocks will not last forever, but what next? In the words of the famous cat Matroskin Cartoon: 'Before you sell anything unnecessary, you need to buy anything unnecessary.

" Golden words! Most of what happens, you first purchased the goods, and then put up for auction for sale. Here and work begins, which is: in the selection of goods that will be in demand, the right timing and duration of the auction, drawing and describing a display lot, packing and shipping the lot buyer. This is really interesting and exciting work. Some are selling something, somewhere bought, others sell what they did with their hands. Professional Auction that are really making good money, not sprayed on the sale of a heap of unnecessary things, but choose one or a few niches and sell the same type of product (for example: cameras and accessories). Here is this all we are learning, making a first purchase and sell on eBay. Second, believe in forces, be active. Maybe not all at once you will get and therefore the first failure should not give up. Should consider their actions and try to find mistakes, correct them and to take into account when next billing lots. In each failure, look for the positive aspects associated with the accumulation of experience, so as not to step on the same rake twice. Only with experience comes confidence and will be less errors. Third, analyze all your shopping successful and unsuccessful, to gain experience to use in their sales and not rely on chance. Only serious attitude to business account and allow to extract the maximum profit. Notices every little thing which contributed to your sales. Fourth, use the experience of others, sometimes the mistakes are very costly. Try to find sources on the Internet that will be useful, it's forums and libraries. If this is not enough contact to sites. Fifth, copy, look how others exhibiting similar lots. Before that a copy try to understand why it is so entered the seller, add a description of the lot that see fit, blind copying any good will not. Gradually, you develop your corporate identity. Sixth, automate the process. When you have a dozen lots of time on the processing takes a little bit, and if it is fifty or more lots, then you pogryaznite in daily routine. In runet can find many interesting programs, such as on putting lots, web-design, and to record shipment, availability, etc. etc. As you can see, nothing complicated, the main correct approach to business and all you get. Be bold.