Menderes Bagci Back At American Idol 2010

This time disguised – is Dieter Bohlen recognize him? Menderes Bagci again when Germany sucht den superstar, 2010 – clad this time – he will succeed? Menderes is already for the seventh time–this time, he reaches deeply into the bag of tricks to impress Dieter Bohlen. Menderes B.s – the eternal loser at the RTL can not just leave it alone success show “Germany sucht den superstar”, already for the seventh time he embarks into the cavity of the planks reportedly portal the DSDS However, in today’s program, Dieter Bohlen is put to the test. Menderes appears with tie, jacket, a beard, glasses and a Hat – will recognize him Dieter Bohlen or he succeeds this time actually in the recall? Menderes was of course not idle, in the meantime, he has his own single at the start (publication date: 13.01.2010) Menderes has the song “I Just Called To Say I Love You” recorded Insider reportedly will leave even the room if he detects Menderes, because he has heard pronounced a presentation ban on American Idol with him – we are Dieter Bohlen strained – all details of Saturday January 16, 2010 at 20:15 clock on RTL author: Niels Marquardt (January 16, 2010).