National Reserve

Preventing by the action of these advice of workers under shelter of this law and from the sine of the own companies (especially the governmental ones) all type of paralyzation or interruption of the production process is to exile in a phrase the one that probably is the most effective (if not unique one) half of pressure which they have the workers to obtain his vindications and that have been historically, everywhere of the world, (safe in the communist countries that even exist and which they are inflated like globes in " defense of the class obrera" but that much less does not allow the existence of unions and of strikes), the means by which the advances have been obtained that in the matter of legal protection, of labor conditions and wage improvements have been reached. This article finishes " putting the boot in casa" when it insists to the workers who formalize, through these advice, " the active incorporation in the National Reserve, the Territorial Guard and in the voluntary military service for the service social." thus tying to the working-class with the organisms that traditionally have served to limit their action and to repress its protests and so it finishes closing the circle and the padlock putting to the hypothetical leaders and representatives of the working-class under the command of officials of I exercise and of other workers or of civilians But everything is not designed at least, in this project of law, to tie of hands to the union movement and by extension to the working class, Article 8 concerns directly to the companies and is good for reading it with attention and to comment the consequences of its application. The attributions of these advice of workers, according to this article, also are: " to promote and to articulate the diverse basic organizations of the workers and workers in each center of work, with the purpose of to incorporate them in the social control, the management of the process of production and distribution of the goods and services.