New Horizon

– These lands are of them? – It belongs to the community. Each one has its property and all are owners of the valley. But, who orders exactly is the advice. Well, in any way you it could be with us for some time and if to accept the rules, will be able to arrange a wife and if to fix definitively. – Which are the rules? Honesty, allegiance, love to the next one? Vicente smiled, shaking the head.

– He is almost this. He will know you with the time. – We go to combine a thing? If we go to work together, we thus do not need to be so formal. It calls me Miguel. – It is certain.

After a pause, Miguel said: – I know that I go to like daqui, but do not know if Laura owner does not go to repent itself later. – I find that not. – How it knows? – It is that you are seemed the husband of it. – But, and the husband? – I Disappeared I have five years I was few months before arriving here. – He disappeared as? – He was even so and never more he came back. It and the woman fought very and they had decided to break up themselves. – Good, then it did not disappear, was even so! – He is, is this. The colloquy esmoreceu. The horse continued trotting for estradinha poeirenta. Soon later Vicente it pulled the reins of the animal, making to estake it. To the front it on both sides had an accumulation of rocks of the road, that Miguel judged to be the vestibule of entrance of the valley. – Here I go to have that to leave it. Vicente said. – The highway is soon after the curve. When to come back does not go to be difficult to find entrance. – How vocs they call this place? – New Horizon. Miguel said farewell itself, he went down I propagate of it and followed walking for the road. When it arrived at the highway saw ahead, the car being towed by polices road. He was obliged to give many explanations and in the end, he was set free. A mechanic fixed the car and it he returned for house. In the following morning it arranged its things in two luggages, delivered the keys for the renter and left for New Horizon. Arriving at the Malta ranch, it parked the car in front of house. Luana ran to receive it. Laura appeared soon later. – For what I see, accepted offers! It brought its things? – They are in the car.