New Kingdom

Outside those level ones, and happening to other climates, they were spoken diverse lenguas.&quot already; Cassani Father, quite lacking author of criterion, was not in the New Kingdom of Granada; it composed his book in Madrid, in accordance with hand-written works of the Pedro Parents Market and Juan de Rivero. This last one wrote its History of the missions while it exerted the apostolate in the Level ones and the region that the Orinoco bathes, where it spent the ten and six rearward years of his life. " Its truth and sincerity are well describe-says to Cassani- in its virtuoso vida." I have here what so authorized writer says: " The nations that inhabit all this mountain range are many, that is to say: Morcotes, Guaceos, Tunebos, Chitas, with others the crowd was much, because in only Morcote, Pauto and Tmara they counted like six thousand souls when the Parents entered, and along with the Tunebos and those of the town of Chita they formed a crowd very numerous and difficult to indoctrinate, by the variety of languages. " Two languages, the one very closed and difficult, but universal one have the Tunebos and that they understand all to it; the other, called subasque, is easier but not so general, because they do not understand it earth Indians; it is graceful east language, and as much the verbs as the names have the assonance of esdrjulos, and the Indians make ostentation speak it in front of that not them entiende." In the introduction the Grammar chibcha of Uricoechea, brings this one sample of the language snsiga, " that it is spoken on the one hand of the Tunebos in the vicinity of Chita." They are sixty words, of which only ten more or less resemble the voices chibchas that have the same meaning.