Persuasive Advertisement

Why advertising text, it is important? To answer this question, simply ask yourself, is important for you to profit, you lose every day, month after month, year after year, for one reason only – improper Positioning your product? It does not matter what you sell: e-books, software, hosting, dodgy service, or something else, but if you have a website and advertise your product is placed on its pages, or releases mailing, you simply have to get the most out of each ad text read to your potential customer. How to make your ad text simply take the quick, clung like a magnet and fanned the fire of irrepressible curiosity? The answer is simple: You have to learn to be profitable to your goods, advertising themselves to write lyrics and be able to analyze the result you got. When I now read his first advertising texts, I just ridiculous, it really could have someone interested. But time passes, my business is booming and here, of course, there were teachers and mentors. My main teachers were books on the topic of advertising and copywriting. The very first book, which has left an indelible mark in my training, there was a book known professional psychology, advertising, marketing and copywriting Victor Orlov Orlov, "How to create advertising that people buy "(ebook download here). Then this book has made me a bombshell in my head, it still runs like a red thread through all my advertising copy. When, two years later, I led Corresponding with Viktor Orlov and he visited my site (but not before I told him, of course, said that respect for him as a professional in their field and had the pleasure of learning from his books), he also said, by courtesy, he said that he Like my site, praised my ad text and said I was an apt pupil.