It has facts for which it is possible to say that they carry the future, if are not determinsticos indicate the origin of the changes. Here also brainstorming is used in such a way how much its posterior purification, aiming at the mental reach of the end of the secular horizon. Posterior purifications take the confection of the preliminary list of 0 variable. In this point, after elencados the events through the connoisseurs and tests of crossed impacts, it is verified probability of the occurrence of an event (method DELPHI) and the influence of this in relation with the occurrence of the too much events. This it is the last stage where if it evaluates the alternative proposals and if of the palatvel form to the following scenes: most likely, exploratrio optimist, pessimistic exploratrio and the tending one.

He finishes with the definition of the strategies, of the actions gifts that had reed-echo in the future of significant form. It evaluated identifying the events that to cause greaters alterations when manipulated, this are the points to where the efforts must be converged, therefore thus the entity will be able to be directed in search of a scene that favorea.4.Etapas of the Planning Of the organizacional profile taking in account the tangible and intangible aspects (as the intellectual capital of the employees) transfers it the definition of the mission and the permanent objectives. The first one if restricts to the operations of the organization already the last ones complements the mission and focuses strategical aspects of the business, as one practical one to the ideology becoming more sensible what it is thought. Of these main item if it arrives at the values institucional, that is, to the dominant certainties in orbit of which gravita the organization, is exemplificados with substantives as equality or transparency. After a study and verification of more ideological situations it has been broken for the analysis of the external environment, catching the participant elements of matrix FOFA.