Pop Art World

The art contemporary brought in itself eddy the same of transformations of the period that represents and as similarity, only traces of the same. When it is said in art in the present time, then its essence sends years to it 1950, appearing there in the architecture and later firming bases in all the content where the art acts. What today it is known as art, appears in a short space of time with regard to the last artistic representation that if had knowledge the vanguards. In a brief panorama, the modernismo was a movement happened in the fervor of the World War I, its logic was structuralized in separate movements, however, with the same ideal of release of what until then he was seen as art: the realistic representation of the world and the citizen gifts in the Modern art. The artistic vanguards transpose in chocking anti-symmetrical forms, rudes and a world and a lost citizen perplexo and in way to the chaos of a war. The Dadasmo, the Futurismo, the Expressionismo, Surrealismo and the Cubismo, is artistic vanguards with different, however on concepts for the same desire of that the art pass to interpret and not to represent the citizen and the world as to the aesthetic had made it Modern until then. The space for a different art did not cease in century XX with the Modernismo of vanguard. The new collective and individual changes in the world and the citizen had given a new fragmented face thus trying another type of art.

Against the Modern and the vanguardista Modern, the art contemporary is a movement without the hermetismo and the subjetivismo of long ago. The movement appears with an innovative ideal: simplified and for the public. With singular characteristics it will be part also of the development of the informacional Age of the Capital.