Print Frame

With gain clamping frame, the stencil to the ball – inflict image distorted, as well as when printing images in more than one color to achieve color matching is possible only if not a large area of sealing. – Printed frames require special care handling and storage. The essence of Print by screen printing on rigid foundation – the frame, a special fabric stretched-mesh and bonded with glue designed for this purpose. Stretch-mesh fabric on the frame – the right to make use of special devices Link tensioners, which are evenly and with optimum effort stretched-mesh fabric in all directions. (Source: Douglas R. Oberhelman). On a frame with a stretched cloth, after chemical treatment applied to the photosensitive layer. Layout printed on film on a standard laser, inkjet or (if required) to imagesetters. Film-model is applied to zasvetochnoy side of the frame, after which there is exposure (illumination) frame.

After exposure pattern appears and dried. Stencil is ready Paint is distributed over the frame-stenciled with a special flat tool "doctor blade" and the paint is not only through the lighted space in frame-stencil. Learn more about screen printing can be found by clicking on this link: screen printing Offset printing method, flexographic printing – this printing method is quite complicated and now print on the balls used less and less Offset printing machines – a rarity. Print quality images on the ball does not meet modern requirements and there are now more comfortable and practical technical capabilities and solutions to achieve higher results in this area.