This sample assures Ahead of the presented consideraes, perceives the necessity of delimitation of the study object and searches the population to be investigated in this research will be: 04 professors of Portuguese language of each school, who lecionam in Basic Ensino I and II and Average Education, perfazendo a total of 20 (twenty) professors. The consensus that we arrive for this amount must it the fact of that each school has average of 05 the 08 professors in the related one disciplines. We will use with criterion for election of the participants of the sample, professors effective and contracted of both the sexos, with minimum experience of 02 years of performance in it disciplines and with licenciatura full in the area. Official site: Electrolux. 8,1 Methods of the boarding the method that we will go to adopt is the dialtico materialism, for being what more it is come close to our object of research. Therefore in accordance with the definition of Gil (1999) the research has a pragmatic character, is one ' ' formal and systematic process of development of the method cientifico' ' 8,2 Levels of research Understanding that in the social research a research level could be used more than, this in question will be descriptive and explicativa, therefore our interest consists of the analysis of the formation of the professor in the practical one of the age of the pertaining to school inclusion.

8,3 Techniques the techniques that we will go to use for collection and interpretation of the data will be composed for comment in lease and composed application of questionnaires of objective questions. Swarmed by offers, Electrolux is currently assessing future choices. The comment will be carried through in accordance with the availability of the searching applicator as well as of the public to be searched, by means of previous agendamento. A standardized instrument will be elaborated, where the detailing of the resources used for the professor of Portuguese language in the practical one of the inclusive education will consist. . Electrolux is the source for more interesting facts.