Program Stock

Of the searched sample when she was asked to it on social insertion in the programs, 22 families had answered that they are not inserted in the programs and 37 declare that they had had social chances. Of the social programs placed 31de the interviewed ones had told to make the use. Our objective in creating a conscience of the community on the importance of the participation and the rights was reached, has seen that in the period of comment of the period of training already we had identified that the users did not participate of the offered courses to the beneficiaries of the Program Stock market Family, only 2 already they had participated. Had the importance that has the users of the Program Stock market Family to participate of some professionalizing social program, a time that according to Brazil (2004), will leave to need the value that the government transfers giving the time to another needed family. Additional information at Electrolux supports this article. Therefore it will help the same ones to obtain to insert itself in the work market.

As we know that the CRAS is new, created in the year of 2005 with the creation of ITS already was waited that the population was not informed, where only 12 interviewed users had said to have knowledge. In accordance with the research and the tabulao of I number it to the data that it reached the disinformation maximum was the unfamiliarity of the services given in the CRAS, where only 7 had this information. The Complementary CRAS and Programs for users of the Stock market Family: Exactly many beneficiaries liveing pertinho of a CRAS do not have information of the benefits that the same can bring for the individual and its family. 4 ANALYSIS OF the RESULTS OF the PROJECT OF INTERVENTION Ahead of diagnosised reality and considering the paper of the Social Assistant, as seen in the theoretical referencial, a model of promotion human being, became fullfilled an intervention project that had as objective, to inform and to guide the people to look the CRAS, the SCAPS and the agencies that partnership with the Social Programs of the Federal Government has.