Prolongation Agreement

If short-term lease, be sure to meet with the landlord to confirm the possibility of prolongation agreement. Examine financial records and information on the flow of cash over the past few years, because price business is directly dependent on its ability to generate income. Please attention to those who prepared the financial statements, whether carried out an audit. You are free to conduct an audit (you have to sign a nondisclosure agreement, for commercial information), asking the owner of the business for permission to check all documents (records of deposits, accounts, documents on payment of wages, sales records, etc.), because they give you much more information about the state in which the present business. Please specify whether you transferred the rights to the trademark, logo, technology, what is the reputation of the business. Ensure that current suppliers and other counterparties will continue to cooperate after a change of ownership business. Find response personnel to replace the owners will not lose you as a result of the transaction key personnel.

You need to think of ways to work with the system personnel to identify employees whose conservation necessary for successful business operations. Determine the approximate cost of the business itself or to more accurately determine the price of the purchased business will invite the appraiser, as real value business can be significantly overestimated by the seller. Examine the list of available equipment, check whether it is functioning and not obsolete, look at the technology used.