PSP Blood Test: Colon Cancer One Step Ahead

Entrepreneurial success has financial benefits and competitive advantages in the juxtaposition of therapeutic approaches who accepted the central role of the immune system in the human gut as a researcher and practitioner, with the developed by INDAGO GmbH 1 and distributed by the Evomed MedizinService GmbH 2 PSP blood test, to be a step ahead of the colorectal cancer the crucial key in hand. And not only health, but also financial benefits and competitive advantages in the juxtaposition of therapeutic approaches of INDAGO play all possible business successes. The V + fund companies involved at fields that serve an ethically reasonable business purpose. The PSP blood test offers patients, investigators and clinicians understandable added value. Therefore considers the V + GmbH & co. 2 KG 3.33% stake of INDAGO GmbH. USPS Luis I. Gomez, CEO of INDAGO GmbH: “the PSP blood test of Evomed MedizinService GmbH offers a very high sensitivity and high specificity to with a simple” Blood instead to detect even smallest polyps an uncomfortable Chair test.

Its low price and the lack of food and drug restrictions makes him Additionally an important diagnostic tool for the detection of adenomatous polyps. The challenge of new avenues of therapy in cancer survival rates has remained unchanged despite new therapies in the last 20 years. Medicines on the market, which later as counterproductive to be coming back for more. This shows that a rethinking is necessary, an enhanced understanding of which depends on the disease. Evomed connects new scientific evidence established and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, to better understand the cancer and to find new ways of therapy. Sources: 1 2 pages/our partner.php 3 4 press / pm_2010_44_01_indago.html the company with the 2006 futureSAX 3, a prize for best business and new and innovative medical laboratory test methods developed marketing concepts, excellent INDAGO company based in Leipzig.

In particular know-how in the area of metabolic analysis makes an interesting partner INDAGO GmbH for the Evomed MedizinService GmbH. Description of the company the Managing Director of V + Management GmbH Michael Vogel in Cologne is devoted to since 2002 successfully the focus of venture capital / private equity. Specialists at the University of Munich with completion of 2005-2006 equipped him his training to the venture capital, to impose 18 ventures so far by three fund companies. This positive development of the previous V + fund companies puts the V + GmbH & co. Fund, 3 KG in conjunction with the Chartered Accountants Uwe Kerner from Dresden, Advisory Board members and partners continue. Private investors should invest in the German economy out of pure self-interest and thus creating a foundation for ideas and innovation. According to the V + invests philosophy “Give money sense!”, the V + GmbH & co. funds 3 KG the investor money in the area of “Direct investments” only after their self-imposed V + ethics INDEX. According to this index the V + participation principle aims, primarily companies to participate in, which stand out with their product or their technology as far as possible from other companies. The target companies have their headquarters, primarily in Germany, Austria or of Switzerland. This is complemented by an ethically reasonable business purpose in terms of products, services, or inventions from sections, which can improve the world and offer understandable added value the people in our society. Company contact: V + Management GmbH Michael Vogel Wuppertal 7 51061 Cologne Tel: 0221 9649 0217 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: press distribution list public Effect Hans Kolpak Gohren 2 95493 Bischofsgrun Tel: 09276 926 9711 E-Mail: Web: