Raul Guerra Garrido

Whenever I write about Leon in these pages, I just by messing. I don’t know how, but the mess. The same thing happens to me in Catalonia when I play the theme of language or in Valencia when speaking of Francisco Camps: there are always people that feel like a shot what I say and that makes me fall from a donkey. Maybe it is because that there are topics that are taboo on certain areas or, simply, to which one behaves like a horse: i.e., noble and gross at the same time. The truth is that, when four years ago I criticized a secessionist motion of the municipality of Leon, I called everything less handsome in a sedicentemente old libel, or, which by definition was already exclusive, sectarian and a tad xenophobic, say it already.

They will recognize that have noses that eagerness to feel different in a land that is giving the best of Castilian literature today’s day. Luis Mateo Diez, Jose Maria Merino, Antonio Gamoneda, Andres Trapiello, Raul Guerra Garrido, Antonio Colinas, Julio Llamazares lead one long list of writers of the first order who, not long ago, expressly rejected the existence of an own literature with distinguishable signs of identity and defended the universalism as a common trait of writing of all of them. I bring this to collation on account of some recent statements of the Mayor of Leon, Francisco Fernandez, that we do not feel we castellanos and the province should therefore be included in the Constitution as an own territory, with its peculiarities, its idiosyncrasies and its history. Put another way: the regional split. Already seen: once again, politicians, instead of solving the problems of its citizens are dedicated to create others where there before them.

However, should recognize that these periodic sovereigntists proclamations, by qualifying them somehow, have your revenues to those who perform them. Constant sword of Damocles of the Leonese particularism leads the Board to give priority to that province over the others, apart from the natural querencia of Rodriguez Zapatero which was the scene of his adolescence. For this reason, since the percentage of public investment until its airport subsidies, passing through the appropriation of Caja Duero from Spain box, all are advantages for that province. And is that in this country, once again, nationalist, regionalist or secessionist attitudes always come more aware that the be merely supportive. Original author and source of the article.