Receivables Management

The Department of Management must consist of professionals with experience in recovery extrajudicial debt collection. A good management team is one that works as a team and should be well covered by the other components of the company, and primarily by the department of information that will facilitate the tracing of debtors and any additional information that may be used to derive the recovery. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jonas Samuelson. The more information about the debtor have the greater the chances of successful recovery. Another of the weapons with which a manager must have is perseverance and strength.The manager should be firm, it is understood that information obtained by reason of default has not produced the insolvency of the debtor (as this is a sham bankruptcy), but must also have negotiating skills when it ascertains that the repayment options debt are limited. It is essential to mobility manager that allows the execution of personal negotiations face to face with the defaulter and is in most cases, the key to success in the recovery. Now that the manager knows the vulnerabilities of the defaulter needs to have as much information as possible, current providers, family, circle of friends, etc.. All efforts should always be within the scope of the firmness and propriety, making clear in the contract between the company and managing it will not allow any management action contrary to lawAll management begins with a call to the customer that extensive data on the business relationship giving rise to the debt, as well as other possible data on the location of defaulting, documentation, etc.. Next comes a thorough review of records, documents, business relationship, responsibility for payment, and conducting a detailed report of insolvency by the Department of Management. A letter or telegram addressed to the debtor will be the first contact explaining our legitimacy for recovery.From this moment if not obtained charging solution, and rarely gets in the early stages, it must be a telephone contact that allows staff to arrange an interview to explain the motives that have led our client to decide to hire us. Sometimes there are records that his recovery is achieved with a couple of visits, but in most cases many personal approaches are needed that will lead us to recovery if you have the required degree of perseverance.