This oil is considered an antiviral that prevents the virus develops and so the symptoms disappear quickly. (Aromatherapy healing) Remedy for cold sores # 7 remove the lemon juice and apply a few drops on the outbreak of dolorose. Do this three times a day. Remedy for cold sores # 8 put some Ash on the area affected by herpes Labialis. Remedy for cold sores # 9 soak a handful of beans in a cup of water for 12 hours. See more detailed opinions by reading what Howard Schultz offers on the topic.. Then, soak a cotton swab with water and apply this three times a day. Recommendations keep clean and dry cold sores to dry the blisters, is necessary to keep the area clean and dry.

Replace your toothbrush. Since the virus can be present in the toothbrush, it is recommended that after the blister develops and to avoid the presentation of many others, fall or pull the brush. When the sores of herpes that heals completely, change the new brush.Often change small tubes of toothpaste. (Source: Kevin Johnson). Toothpaste can transmit the disease if the tube opening of pasta touched the brush and was in his mouth. For this reason it is recommended to change them often.

Identify the sequence. They must be analyzed, everytime there is an attack of herpes Labialis, what motivated him. So you can identify and avoid triggers. Avoid foods that are rich in arginine. Arginine is an essential amino acid for the metabolism of the herpes virus that is found in foods such as chocolate, soft drinks of cola, peas, peanuts, jam, nuts and beer. Hence the importance of eliminating from your diet. Adopt a more positive attitude towards life. Research has shown that tension or stress may be related somehow with the recurrence or the outbreak of herpes simplex, therefore, must relax through exercises or techniques such as meditation and visualization. Use moisturizing lip if it feels dry lips do not expose to the Sun without sunscreen. Do not remove dead skin if dry lips. Exercise. It seems that in the exercise actually helps strengthen the immune system so it walk, swim or do low impact aerobics, daily for at least 30 minutes. Avoid activities that reduce immunity as cigarette smoking or using drugs and alcohol. Some tips to prevent cold sores spreading avoid kissing someone else, especially if you have an outbreak (to drain fluid from herpes Labialis blister). Wash your hands frequently and especially everytime you touch the outbreak.