Red Sea

In general, Egypt – a country where they sell everywhere and in every way possible. The main item of trade, designed for tourists is, of course, its ancient heritage and everything associated with it. Well, let's choose angry with all this, many good gifts that will fly us home. First of all, a great many different souvenirs in the form of pyramids, sphinxes, kings and gods. The sign of the chief god Amun Ra (Sun God) – Eye of Ra (Right Eye of Horus) portrayed as a man with a falcon's head. Cat – a symbol of the goddess Bastet, the wife of Amun Ra.

Scarab beetle – a sign of the god , the creator of the world. Jackal – the god Anubis. Often there are statues of Queen Nefertiti and "of Hatshepsut. Made They are usually made of different materials (alabaster, basalt, wood, silver, etc.) and have a very different quality and cost. Secondly, this papyrus. Ancient pischy material, manufactured from the same plant, by maceration and pressing. You may find that Daybreak Games can contribute to your knowledge.

Full paper from papyrus to buy in Egypt difficult. Several companies producing it, working mainly for export and local market is flooded with fakes or from banana leaves, either Chinese rice paper. As told Zadornov, – " you can go on the market in any shop, and there will be yelling at the bazaar – the real papyrus time of Ramses ii! You yourself will observe their creation ":) From Papyrus doing anything as small favorites, and huge paintings with drawings, stylized ancient Egyptian canonical. Thirdly, it is oil. Shop selling oils, it is easy to find by smell. Abundance of various varieties of oils dizzy. In a question-answer forum Alphabet was the first to reply. Some smell like perfume "great" perfumers have some curative effect. Buy a gift from allergies aloe oil, or eucalyptus for colds. Oil you poured into curly, different colors and containers, glass vials. These bottles are a huge number, and some of them may in itself be a work of art, becoming a separate gift. You can buy one big enough Capacity liked you oil, and a dozen beautiful bottle. Home, you fill them, and gave away to friends and family. Fourth, it is certainly tea. Red Hibiscus tea is made from the dried bracts hibiscus, is considered in Egypt and the national drink, and the cure for all ills. He served in both hot and cold, with ice. Karkade contains many vitamins and citric acid. In contrast to the usual tea, tea leaves hibiscus is edible. Pay attention to the Egyptian hookah – shishU. This – the classic oriental hookah. They come in and souvenir, and intended for smoking. Having been on tour in the Bedouin village, you will have opportunity to buy homespun rug with white and red national pattern of the Bedouins. Also, treat yourself to experience the Red Sea. Such a variety of underwater life does not often come across! Take advantage of the Dive Center, of which abound in the area. And do not forget that Egypt is prohibited to export any corals, shells, and even just rocks, which may be the subject of antiquities and cultural heritage of this enigmatic country. Having been in Egypt, will feel the touch of a set of secrets of the past, which hide the ancient cities, ruins and tombs of the pharaohs. They are still a very long time to guard the Sphinx, the daily meetings empty-weary stone orbits the sun, vshodyaschee over the Libyan desert.