Ricardo Franklin

When these popular classrooms are black, for historical reasons of discrimination and preconception, the difficulties are greaters still. nt resource throughout. However, although these difficulties, afro descending, by means of much fight, organization and resistance, subvertem the logic of the exclusion of superior education e, when occupying this space, affirm its racial cultural identity/, contributing positively so that more citizens of this cultural group and other cultural groups in disadvantage situation are felt encouraged to fight and to occupy places traditionally frequented by the dominant groups (BACKES, 2006, P. 3). Therefore, the racial preconception reigns of unconscious form, many times subtle, not being able to be identifiable, the myth of the racial democracy serves of clothes to hide this, as Ricardo Franklin argues Blacksmith when dealing with the main consequence of racial the democratic myth, that according to it, hides the preconception and becomes much more difficult the effective combat of the injustices stops with individuals and diverse racial groups etno of the European white. Thus, the discrimination always operates in the level of the individuals in unconscious way and nor identifiable as such (BLACKSMITH, 2000 apud BRAGA, 2008, P. 50). What the worker Vicente of the Espirito Santo had that to face, was a case very clearly, where we perceive, although to have left as victorious, as the image of the black is on to the negativismo, therefore they are represented as subordinate of the whites. These groups ' ' superiores' ' when overwheling powerful the least finishes for weakening it, as Norbert Elias when dealing with the relations established between outsiders argues and established. As the author, To affix the label of? inferior human value? to another group she is one of the weapons most used for the groups? superiors? in the disputes of being able, as half to keep its social superiority. In this situation, the social stigma tax for the group most powerful the powerful the least costuma to penetrate in the auto-image of this last e, with this, to weaken it and to disarm it.