Right Integration

That is to say, the customs right is a branch of the right of international trade. When we studied right of integration is necessary the study of the procedural right because one is due to regulate and to study the international conflicts. That is to say, the right of integration towards outside is clear that it looks for to join or to integrate the states consequently is clear that the national process vara considerably since includes tambin to the processes before known as international processes or with parts or different goods in pases or states or nations, that is to say, these processes have much importance, but they have not been tried or commented on the part of the treaty writers and consequently it is clear that it deserves the corresponding investigations and in any case to put record that the procedural right has two fundamental branches of the right as they are the internal procedural right and international the procedural right. Being the internal process or national the one that happens when the parts and the goods are located in a single state. Whereas the international or extra-territorial process is the one that happens when the people or parts or goods are not all in a same state but in several states, nations or countries. When we studied right of integration we must study straight enterprise, or straight of the company, or straight of the businesses and tambin by all means straight corporative because in the first branch of the right mentioned it is important to consider the enterprise activity of the econmicos agents who develop in the market interchanging goods and services, thus it is clear that they have much importance within the right of integration, because what ltimo looks for ste is to improve the market of the companies, that is to say, not slo of the great companies or corporations, nevertheless, it is clear that this ltimo trmino jurdico and econmico little is known in our means, but is necessary to have it in account to include/understand the importance of the corporative right in the right of integration.