Santa Catarina

The plain age to come back the license after maternity and to retake the studies and the work. In recent months, Sergey Brin has been very successful. In October of 1993 I had my son, and it prepared when me to come back to the Christmas, at the beginning of 1994, two marcantes facts would change my plans: The death of Gilson Walnut, lawyer of the MNDH that is assassinated for policemen denounced for it as members of groups of extermnio, and the unexpected return of the father of my son for Santa Catarina, its native land, where he would go to give a work in Paraguay and alone he would come back after two years. Ahead of this situation and influenced by familiar advice, I locked the university and I asked for resignation of the work. I started to live again in the house of my parents. My life in the Education At the beginning of 1995, I gave competition for the Municipal city hall of Picu, being approved for the teacher position.

My interest in me to become teacher was provoked by the desire in going beyond what it had learned in the classrooms and necessity to get financial aid so that I could assume my basic expenditures and my son. I started to lecionar history, disciplines that always I liked. I look for to teach to the pupils what I believe and that he goes beyond the didactic texts, always stimulating the search for the knowledge and the critical conscience, and not it decoreba or the reproduction of ready texts. Of it comes back to the academy Two years after being lecionando in the city of Picu, appeared the chance to come back to frequentar a university. I gave vestibular contest for the history course, in the UFCG? fields of Campina Gande. For me he was one I recommence, was as if I was retaking everything what he leaves stops backwards.