Presentation – transfer of the information provided to the audience. Presentations may take a neutral information and may carry incentive information, motivation to action. Art to present their goods, namely the presentation we mean the product is not given to everyone, we all think so, and why, for example, Ivanov can perfectly present their ideas, but have not obtained Sidorova, Petrov finds the perfect approach to its clients, and Sidorov, can not sell anything, and it turns out, someone successful, and someone not so. In essence, the way out of position, if not successful. The fact that you need to pay attention to the details of lying on the surface, which we did not even notice it. We all heard about the art of oratory, Cicero never lost a case, although the cases he had many, and the evidence base before going much easier. There is a charisma or not.

The entry has turned out like all the arguments say that art is still there, and if there is art, it can be explored. And so, we begin to learn to present their thoughts, ideas, goods, and myself. Presentation – the first move, to start to love to speak to the audience to itself speech is not to drive you to stop, but it is you want to go to the public and present them to your ideas. How did it take and love go out to the audience, we all think that's boss told to prepare a report as soon as it finished firing.