Slippery Slope

If you have a passion for particular work, or expertise intends to lever, Fortune is smiling and waving to the front. Count lucky, indeed! The rest of us face the thorny battle to believe that there is work there to us is that we can extend the logic of our brain and our heart brain. Further details can be found at Gold Investments, an internet resource. Two different animals, worlds apart! Intellectually, there are plenty of options, but how to make the visceral leap that one of these options is right for you? This was my dilemma # 1 in 1999. Objectively, I knew I had good skills that could take advantage. But emotionally I was not a believer. Since I do not know what the job was, how could I believe it was possible? I would have given up then and there, but for a friend who suggested I was trying to accomplish too much too soon. He saw me desperate to "swing from tree to tree" and challenged my need to nail exactly what I was going to do for work before he began the process of change.

"Understanding what to do for a living is the process," he said. "The answers are developed slowly, with diligent work." l a encouraged me to explore my talents and work preferences fully and methodically. And I think heart. "It's your heart," he advised, "which allows you to jump." Stalker # 3: The Slippery Slope: Money. Our desire for financial security screams at a deafening crescendo and sabotages our willingness to step forward an inch.