Smoking Through Hypnosis In 1 To 3 Sessions

The trancemed therapy centre is the only provider of the trancemed smoking cessation with 2-year-old money-back guarantee! “Many smokers have already attended courses, tried different products or with the iron will ‘ tries. Many writers such as Howard Schultz offer more in-depth analysis. Sometimes there were short-term success relapses, frustrations and failures, all to often, however. Researchers and addiction experts explain the failure so: smoking differ in their habits, preferences, needs, and goals. Also age, occupation and health play an important role. Each smoker has its own, individual reason to want to be non-smoking. When this smoker individuality (for example in a group), it comes quickly to failures and the addictive behavior is shifting in the form of a substitute satisfaction on food, drink, sports or similar.

In many years of work Herbert Schraps (mental coach/Hypnotherapist) and Marianne Schraps (healer/pain therapist) have developed the trancemed smoking cessation with the aim, the smoker permanently to the non-smokers without withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, appetite or Sahib. In this form of smoking cessation, it doesn’t matter how much is smoked or whether already non-smoking attempts were undertaken. Television and press reported on the successes of the trancemed smoking cessation. It is so successful because she individually is tailored to the particular personality of the smoker, to long-standing behaviors can be changed also really for life. Every smoker is handled individually.

So it happens that many smokers already within a session to the non-smoking are and remain permanently smoke-free. Even die-hard smokers (hard nuts”) to make it within 3 sessions to the satisfied non-smoking. How does the trancemed smoking cessation? Intensive preliminary determines which method combination for the smoker promises the greatest success, while the following 8 components play an essential role: individual analytical Smoking cessation mental-and behavioural training suggestive language patterns with modern medical Creative hypnosis developed one of the therapist couple of Schraps modern hypnosis technique. Light fields deep relaxation homeopathic remedies support *, acupuncture * and Bach Flowers * integration Selbsthypnotischer techniques deepen through session recordings (MP3 player) care even after the seminar ended over several months free extension and reinforcement seminars – for “hard nuts” the trancemed smoking cessation can be compared with any other method, because it captures the individuality as well as the fears and concerns of individuals and uses the knowledge of natural medicine at the same time, modern psychology and traditional Chinese medicine. Every smoker is exactly at the smoking point”picked up, where it is located. Therefore guarantees the trancemed Center each smoker that he is non-smoking with help of trancemed smoking cessation and remains at least 2 years otherwise he receives in the analytical Smoking cessation be back money. Further information is available in the trancemed Center for creative hypnosis, behaviour, and mental training or on the website of the trancemed Center. Your contact person for smoking cessation: Herbert Schraps, Hypnotherapist, alternative practitioners (psychotherapy) and mental coach. * legal notice: in cooperation with doctors and health practitioners. trancemed therapy centre contact person: Herbert Schraps Teutoburg route 45a 33758 Schloss Holte – Stukenbrock Tel: 05207-924281 fax: 05207-77627 HP: