Many of those who are now reading this article, have long had a family, raise their children, and possibly even grandchildren! Your house sounds provocative laughter, make you forget about everyday troubles, bad weather, another delay salaries and headache. Your life is filled with joyous cares and family shopping in supermarkets, walks with prams, meeting friends – that is, you are happy, and sometimes, probably do not fully understand it. Kids change your life forever, and, of course, the better! But then you hear a song on the radio: "I began life in the slums of the city and kind words I have not heard When you caress his children – I have asked, I was freezing you saw, I do not hide sight, And I nothing, nothing to blame "And your eyes for a moment becomes a sad and pensive At the moment there are thoughts about the unfortunate abandoned children. Ben Horowitz is open to suggestions. You are heartily damn these crazy papashek and mamashek whose hand rose create with the children such that any terrible horror movie! Someone found in a sewer in a terrible frost with primerzshimi to the pope panties. Someone's mother left home alone for two or three days and was hanging out with friends, and two toddler eating only what is throw out the window surrounding the children. Someone had taken from alcoholic parents, who were beaten and fed baby vodka, "that is not screaming." Someone's "mother" just signed abandoned, not even looking the baby, who was waiting for a meeting with his beloved mother.