We read what they say the writings to us: Loved, ammonos an a others; because the love is of God. All that one that it loves, it is been born from God, and it knows God. The one that it does not love, has not known God; because God is love. In this was the love of God towards us, in which God sent to its unignito Son to the world, so that we live by him. Of this the love consists: not in which we have loved God, but in which he loved to us, and it sent to his Son in atonement by our sins. Loved, if God has loved to us thus, we must we also love an a to us others. Nobody has never seen God.

If we loved an a others, God remains in us, and its love has been perfected in us. In this we know that we remain in him, and he in us, in which has given us of its Spirit. 1 Juan 4:7 12 In the reading of this last versicle we found the evidence of our divine lineage to which we made reference; we remain in him, and he in us, because he, our God, has conceived to us and granted his Spirit, as our parents, remain in us and we in them, because they have given of their own meat and blood us, our earthly bodies. This seed of the love that has occurred us, is described by Jesus, like the word of God to its children, and is with this intention, that speaks to us of the following way: That one day left Jesus the house and it sat down next to the sea. And it joined much people to him; and entering the boat, one sat down, and all the people were in the beach.