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If no phone, you can buy 'Sonnet'. This is another cost. Future earnings easy to calculate – from $ 1000 per month. Investment pays off in six months – the maximum per year. I open already the third barbershop. First now I take half an hour a month.

In fact, more, of course. Recently went to 'Lumumba'. I found a little girl black woman, which for $ 100 weaves African braids. And everywhere they are worth $ 300. Certification order and the basic provisions set in the document "Rules for certification services hairdressers'. The document approved by the Decree of the State Standard of Russia November 16, 1999 58, registered with Ministry of Justice of Russia on Dec.

23, 1999 (registration number 2025) and is registered in the State Register State Standard of Russia January 19, 2000 (Reg. ross ru.0001.01UTSOO). Subject to certification services for hair care (with the use of chemicals and non-disabled), cosmetic services, including services for decorative cosmetics, care services for face and body, massage, manicure, pedicure, except for services related to the violation of the integrity of the skin, requiring medical control, work. Normative documents for certification are gost 51142 – 98 'Service hairdressers. General specifications', 'The rules of consumer service in the Russian Federation', as well as sanitary regulations and building regulations, referenced in those documents. Certification consists of 3 – highlights: evaluation of training singers, evaluation of equipment and workplace assessment tool, cosmetic products, auxiliary materials. To receive the certificate Executive services can apply to any certification body accredited for certification of this type of service.