My Chronic Secrets

The majority of the people prefers to omit its feelings for different reasons, each one with its reason. It has those that it prefers to leave in secret with the heart. has the exceptions that they are made of love and they give to the face pra to beat, without knowing what it comes for later. I go to say that I incase myself in the three, for each moment of my life I am a feeling and for each feeling I use ones of these cunnings, pra me everything I have its hour, nor always I I make the certain thing, to the times I change the hands for the feet, but who said that to make all certainty it has favour? The good part of the life if finds in the mysteries, in the unexpected one, from there comes to the emotion. Michael Antonov insists that this is the case. To make all certain planned is so entediante, has terror alone to say this word, I wants that this pass far from me. I want to be this missed thing, that everything says what it has to say, but that other times keep to feelings alone pra me, perhaps with the time disclose I, other I go to only belong them same me..


Marshal Candido Rondon

… With plenary powers and invested for the king, Martin Alfonso evidenced the possibility of a systematic expedition of Brazil. … (Petta and Ojeda, p.68). While this colonizadora expedition explored the wealth of the Brazilian coast the aboriginal peoples pursued by the hunger, maltreatment, escravizao and running away from the extermnio provoked for the greed of the Portuguese, the deepest bushes embrenharam themselves for the interior of the country adentrando and facing animal fierce, they were devorados by them.

In one it fights constant against the adversities. Not obstante the fight and the dizimao which was you deliver, many peoples in agreement history had been extinct, the great nations identified for the linguistic trunk, for example, the TUP, that if politically organized in small called groups tribes. … Setes peoples of the Missions in the Rio Grande Do Sul had been verwhelmed by the settling process. However with the Entrances and Flags, that also are very well illustrated in didactic books this the shining fight of bandeirantes, that in its mission to explore Central Brazil in gold search and silver also enslaved indians and them it in such a way exterminava physically as cultural and religiously These exploring expeditions if they had extended for Mato Grosso and with the discovery of gold deposits they had become involved in combat with the peoples ' ' Payagus' ' ' ' the wars for the native peoples had reasons specify, generally relative to the fight for the space vital.' ' However our work carries through one analyzes the documents that in send the studies to them most recent when the expansion of the post offices and telegraphs led for Marshal Candido Rondon adentrou for the bushes with the opening of what the great advance for the communication in the country was considered, also for the historians the biggest dizimao of the history of the aboriginal peoples.


Old Communicate

You raise the maximum of possible information on the person with who this dealing or go to deal. When I say this, I do not only mention the position, social status or hierarchically, that also is important, but mainly to the type of behavior, temperament and form that it reacts the critical ones, compliments, tricks and other types of messages and communications. It is an error to say the certain thing for the wrong person. Let us say that when arriving in house one definitive father finds a vase of plants broken and sees its son of three years playing next ball, what you find that it goes to deduce? However what it does not know, he is that its wife passed that way and when esbarrar in the vase this fell and broke. if the man will be weighed and sensible, it goes to question before acting, seno goes without no doubt, at that moment to blame the son, to fight with it and until beating it, he stops later asking if to the caused child the accident. For more specific information, check out Douglas Oberhelman.

Care because they say the old ones that: ' ' given beating and said word do not have volta' '. 5. What to communicate? So important how much, as to speak, with who I go to speak, where to say and who speech, what I go to communicate is of suna importance. What I go to transmit needs to have relevance. I am not speaking of our informal colloquies, where we dialogue and we speak of everything, I mention the conversations that are of utmost importance for our lives. For example, in a relation quarrel, if the couple if not to take care of can wound one to the other, opening wounded emotional that the times never are cured, to if to direct to a superior authority is it in the company or in another place, the text, the content of what we go to speak, generally it is analyzed and it can even compromising in them seriously. Being thus: ' ' it always thinks to kilometers, but speak centmetros' '. Most important in the communication he is always to be certain that understood and was understood, perfect communication is a myth, however all we can and must better grow and develop our capacity of if communicating, either for words either for acts.