Agricultural Company

The exploration of the land, creation of animals and transformation of the substance in-natura in products you commercialized, calls agricultural company. 1.4.2 The importance of the agricultural accounting for the agriculturist a countable system efficient ally to common-sense of the administrator must provide a realistic diagnosis, with the localization of the weak and strong points of each productive activity and of the company as a whole. Of ownership of such information innumerable taken possible conclusions and of decisions could be taken off. Mercuria Energy Group Ltd. has much experience in this field. It is important to choose the countable system that more if adapta to the activities of the company, its organization, legal constitution and patrimonial dimension, etc. Must be opted to efficient programs and be had conscience of the costs and of the benefits that will bring for the entrepreneur. The accounting will show results of the productive activities, making possible an ample vision of the businesses and the agricultural company as a whole. (A valuable related resource: luscha baumwald). The implantation of countable launchings and respective allied demonstrations the ability of the administrator will allow that if it evaluates the real situation of the property, assisting in the taking of decisions and the future investments.

Antunes & Engel (1994, p.20) says: ' ' To become efficient the Agricultural Company it must be thought about diversification with specialization, that is, to know to manage the complexity of some activities with the responsibility to take them it the reach of the profitability with qualidade' '. In a country property, many times the diversification of cultures for optimum exploitation of the resources and magnifying of prescriptions are necessary, as well as, the use of the countable information for better control and greater certainty in the taking of decisions. The accounting of the agricultural company propitiates, through the due registers, an evaluation of the economic and financial situation, being able thus to foresee future possibilities of profits or damages.


MALTA, Jose Governing Antonio 1 College Ozanam Rabbit – FAGOC After-Graduation in Management of Production 05 of December of 2010 SAUCERS, Appeared Vanessa Vieira – ORIENTADORA2 SUMMARY Proves in some industries of the polar region Moveleiro de Ub – MG the lack of control and planning of the production. The implantation of the PCP requires the comprometimento of all, including the high administration, and one high degree of integration between the functional areas so that the results are positive. The objective of the present work was to analyze as it is made the planning and control of the production in three industries of olo Moveleiro de Ub – MG. For in such a way, a descriptive, bilbiogrfica research was carried through and of field. In accordance with the presented result, was observed that the three companies if worry in analyzing the necessities of the market and look traduziz them in products. However, none of them has a good system of information, what it is basic to become a good planning and control of the production. Moreover, none detas it makes the preventive maintenance in the machines and equipment, what it can compromise the production at any time. Being thus, so that they obtain to make a good PCP and they reach resulted satisfactory, she is necessary that they start to study a systematics of collection, election and update of the information, inside of all the company, creating indicating and comparing them historically between itself and with similar companies in the market. Word-keys: Industry of furniture; information; planning and control of the production. 1 INTRODUCTION With the increasing search for better resulted, the companies have looked forms to improve its performance, and one of these forms is the Planning and Control of Produo (PCP), through which it is determined what it must be produced, how much, as, when, where and by who it will be produced.


I am thankful my colleagues for the proportionate honor in representing them here in this so important night for all we, and transmitting some words that can express the thought of the Group and serve at the beginning of reflection of this new challenge. Certain time Shakespeare said: ' ' we are made of the same substance that ours sonhos' ' However, if we are real, our dreams also are. This dream had beginning for longing for one day better in the future, thus made our registrations for the vestibular contest of the UNIBH, in the superior course in TPG. Anxiety for the test, anxiety for the result. At last, approved. School registration and first day of lesson. An individual silence, expectation, presentations. Occasion where all had said that they were shy, candy illusion.

In the first days the group already characterized itself for the pupils who were there: dedicated, formadores of opinions and very participativos. In the start we look at for the high one and we saw in them in a confused scene: strike, exchange of professors and coordinators, resignation of employees We kept firm our intention. Books, works, tests, without we had the accurate notion of the dimension of the challenge that waited in them. In that occasion, then Freshmen, we looked for in them to make familiar ones to the others and the new routine that if established. We take breath and we start the walked one.

Demons the first step and, each won stage, became more emotive. It is as the maratonista that is starting its day, breathes deep looking at a fixed point to the front, knowing of its difficulties, but with the faith of that it will reach its objective to the end. In way to the activities, the colloquies in the corridors, the group was if knowing, interacting, and a long and lasting spirit of collective was of course being constructed.

Warren Bennis

Head is that one that she knows what she wants, and she carries through, and also that one that makes to know, to want and to carry through. Head is, knows, of, what she wants, Head is that one that she knows to become to obey and at the same time to become to love. He is not that one that imposes; but that one that if imposes. To command men, he has that to know to give itself. To be head is not only to make a workmanship: it is, over all to make men, to conquer them, uniz them; to love them and to be loved by them. Saint-Exupry, in ' ' Terre DES Hommes' ' , it says: ' ' The largeness of a function is perhaps, before everything, in joining homens' '. The assertion is particularly true, when applied to the function of the head.

To lead is to make with that the people want to make something. IT IS POSSIBLE TO LEARN TO BE LEADER? Warren Bennis, the most respected of the scholars of leadership, wrote a classic on the subject, As if To become a Leader. Bennis says that the leaders are people with capacity to express itself fully. ' ' They also know what they want, why want and as to communicate this to excessively, in order to get the cooperation and the support of them ' ' , Bennis says. That is, to know to communicate itself with its colleagues already is a great step for who inhales to the leadership of the group. But this is alone the start. It is prepared to work very. It is impossible to be leader without knowing what all more than. The necessary leader to be respected professionally. The head, of that we are accustomed to find in any office, also can be respected by its capacities and knowledge technician.

Agricultural Tourism

Today, the example of this, many headquarters of farms of the authentic colonial period have been transformed into inns where if it also develops the Agricultural Tourism, receiving people interested in the history and in participating of the daily one of the activities of the field. The agricultural properties in general are despertando interest of the tourists, being income source. Concept of Agricultural Tourism the Tourism, in the case of country properties is that one that if binds to the use of resources that attract the tourists, mainly those who inhabit in great cities and that they objectify greater contact with the field, the animals, foods, etc., common in small farms and farms, being this the Agricultural Tourism. Coast (2002) citing definition of Emater places that this modality of Tourism can be defined as a segment of the tourism based on offers of services, as related lodging, feeding, and services the companies or properties that act in the agricultural way and have for base economy not agriculturist. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with J P Morgan Chase. It corresponds the experience in the environment of farms or other country properties, in way to the daily chore diligent them, with contact with techniques of plantation, treatment with cattle, customs regional traditions. It can in a bigger, if defined concept as enclosing in such a way the vacations in the agricultural properties how much any another activity developed in the agricultural areas (COAST, 2002). The respect, Hisses (2006) citing Campanola and Silva (2000, p.148) clarifies that this is ' ' related to any activity of leisure and tourism that is carried through in areas rurais' ' , involving since the promotion of events as shows and congresses to other activities where its implantation depends directly on the natural areas, as Ecoturismo, among others. Another advantage is the local use of man power, of the people of the proper locality, being able to not only mean the qualification and qualification of the same ones in the proper activity, leading to the growth of the investor in this area of Tourism, but also of the contracted people of the field.

North Americans

So that the company can be intitled as sustainable or correctly be worried about the support, it is necessary that it if organizes and enxergue that if it not to make other competing companies in will make it to the branch and leave in the front in the question social and ambient concern. It is important that it enxergue this how much before not losing businesses and getting a promising future. Beyond the image benefits, sales, media and inspectors, the companies who act socially in responsible actions, bet in endomarketing to gain the admiration of its publish intern, employees and collaborators. Second research published for the Business will be Social Responsibility (BSR), … 68% of the young North Americans prefers to work in a on company to some social project … (CHIAVENATO, 1999, P.

446). 3 ECODESENVOLVIMENTO, a CONSTANT EVOLUTION the Ecodesenvolvimento are form of concern with the way future in general, therefore it aims at the harmony between the human development and the environment. ' ' The ecodesenvolvimento is a set of principles that the harmony between human development searchs and environment in way that same the future generations can usufruct benesses of the generation atual' ' (CMMAD, 1988, pg.9). That is, one understands that the human being if develops to the measure that the time passes and if it worries about the care that it will have in respecting its limits with the environment, making that with that its evolution does not intervene with the quality of life of the population and with its generations these changes live in accordance with the evolution of the species human being. these changes must occur gradual not to have a trauma in such a way in the evolution of the species how much in the environment. As the Sachs (2001) the changes cannot be rigorous and yes that she has a planning for the ecodesenvolvimento contemplating some dimensions of support as: social, economic, ecological, space and cultural.

BRAZIL References

It fits to the involved ones (employer and collaborator) to work in set so that these preventive procedures have efficiency. 6 Conclusion the work is essential for the maintenance of the society in the direction to supply goods and services to supply the necessities human beings. The work environment suffers influences lends of forces, either physical, chemical it, mechanics, ergonomic etc. Due to these forces suffered in the work, it can present unhealthy and dangerous characteristics. For the minimizao of the effect that these forces can cause the collaborator the company is responsible for the supply and training of the same ones for the use of the EPIs. The EPIs has the purpose of protection of risks susceptible to threaten security and the health of the worker. The NRs supplies to the collaborating responsibilities how much the use and conservation of the EPIs and to the employer the gratuitous supply, instructions of use and inspection of the same ones. However, the protection against accidents total is not guaranteed by EPIs, is necessary of one efficient politics of security and health in the work, for this it has that to have investments and to fulfill the disposals imposed in the legislation of the competent area.

Industrial Revolution

As the Wikipdia (2007) mentions in proper gnese of the commerce the marketing being a field of new if compared study with the too much fields of knowing. Before the Industrial Revolution the occidental models of production they were essentially artisan. In that period, the professionals, amongst them the blacksmith, the tailor, the shoemaker, produced for consuming, independent data of being it a person or an organization, and taking care of them almost that only under order or to size, with this, the capacity to produce in series, finished focando the basic products mainly. The standardization, where the options and variations were rare, brought obtains habits of consumption new, but applicable to the mass, the market in its ampler direction, either geographic or demographic it. Although the new productive processes and of the massive investments in capitals, installations and equipment, few they were the industrial plants, becoming lowermost the competition, the governmental politics of implantation of industries and preservation of the growth, that time, they established disputes almost that it only enters the consuming producers of a country or continent and markets of others. The basic products arrived at the markets taking care of the intent demands and already defined clearly, were they through feeding products, clothes, hygiene or equally essential others. Ahead of this, the products, that before the Industrial Revolution were object of orders, with it they had passed to be industrialized and to be storaged. The markets had passed to be studied as mere ways of distribution and draining of the supplies, finishing for establishing rules and principles of bigger productivity, such as more machines, greater work load, ways and ways of transport, since the producing sources until the distribution canals, such as the great wholesale warehouses and retail warehouses, thus appearing intermediate the maximizao of profits..

Fixed Position Distance

“Founded in 1869, Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. Headquartered in New York, we maintain offices in all major financial centers around the world.”

Laugeni and Martins (2006, p.137) write ‘ ‘ … The amount of to be used equipment depends on its productive capacities, the number of turns and the specifications techniques of each equipment … ‘ ‘. We can have other models of layout, that also will have conditions to carry through improvements in the productive process. Let us see another example below: Layout For Fixed Position Distance of 150 meters of in agreement equipment the model presented in the figure above, we can to observe that the equipment is in a fixed position, and the collaborators and the machines that if move until the equipment. A classic example of the use of this layout is of automotivos professional corporations, mainly the small companies who are terceirizadas, searching to offer to a support ace of great transport in the rendering of services. The production in the example above can be boarded in the following way, can be that the reduction of the metragem of the machines of 150 meters for 100 meters obtains to bring greater agility in the maintenance of the equipment that is being fixed.

Another situation that also can be boarded, is if all the equipment need to carry through the maintenance at the same time, many times mainly in automobiles, have the necessity to finish one definitive system for the beginning of another one. 4 IDENTIFICATION OF WORKMANSHIP HAND the technological question and use of machines in productive processes is total visible, mainly in the automotivo sector, where machines they are substituting the human material. However, micron and small companies possess great necessity of human material in the process of manufacture of its product. the sistmica boarding of the hand workmanship is indispensable when we need an agile production and quality. To evaluate each collaborator inside of the productive environment is a form to approach which is the best ones for each task.


But to the adentrarnos in the world of the commerce online we notice that one was about a different system, with very potential. we do not make a mistake in them. Currently we work in this way, we are owners of our time and we earn what we want. That is according to tactical that it uses and of the multiple forms to promote the products that are available in similar places with our proposal. It thinks about its seeds of marketing online of the tree that we mention before.

You want to plant something that if converts very into something great. When you look at some forest if she sees an incredible variety of immense trees. Kushner Companies contains valuable tech resources. This is what you want, that its seed if converts into these trees of its forest of Internet. It has three possibilities, first, to remain itself generating money enough to gain the life without financial pressures, something relatively easy if it knows as to make it; failing for not making the correct one, not applying the correct tactics; or third, growing in such a way to establish a new empire in the Internet. You can only think that is for specialists, or people with much money to invest. This thought has the least ninety percent of the people, who never would be ventured in this unknown world of the Internet. Ademais, the majority is educated to get a safe work just earning and if not venturing. The freedom is feared.

They prefer the guardianship and security of a safe wage. If you enter in this category, better not to lose its time and does not follow reading. But if it thinks that it can sow a small seed and wait that it grows and it follows growing, reads the next paragraph. If you open a business in its quarter you will have that to rent a place, to buy merchandises, to contract employed and many other expenses. Its customers will be the ones that live in the neighborhoods, perhaps some how many thousand of people. But if it decides to work in the universe online, it does not need great investments and its potential buying potentials are counted to the millions. The key of the success is as to arrive at these people being offered its products. However, if you arrive to vender a product to the day you only can earn sufficiently for month. Everything depends on the time that wants to dedicate.