Office Supplies

But not only the well-equipped work space affects the quality of work, but also the surroundings. Some office supplies are sensitive to facilitate the daily work. We will understand Still, it is necessary in the modern office: Almost any office employees of the firm can not operate without a computer and office equipment. The second important subject is office supplies, these are household goods for the office, such as detergents, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. Most modern offices have their own kitchen, so there is a need household appliances and food products. And finally, plays an important role furniture (chair, desk, cabinets, etc.) Now we turn to statistics.

In our country, according to official data needs of companies in the office accessories estimated at 133 million dollars, but this is only the official data. In fact, the money is spent several times more. Not surprisingly, the paper disagrees with us to cheer. Every year the consumption of paper only increases. To this rate of consumption is not well understood, because the work occurs primarily on the PC. For example, in 1980, a year before the advent of PC, the computer first mass, global consumption of office paper reached 70 million tons, while in 1997 this amount increased to 150 million, at the same time, growth trend has not stopped.

It is not reduced to the present day, not to mention tomorrow. Stationery and everything else for the office of firm purchase different ways. This may be a retail purchase in retail stores, but often there is the Internet – convenience stores for the office, where you can find practically everything from pens to the couch. They can be ordered with all the necessary delivery and convenient form of payment. This method of purchase is preferred by many companies because of the convenience and timeliness.