Elevating Preparation

The urban growth is a phenomenon that comes if developing in geometric ratios to each year and that he is directly on to the growth of a country. More necessarily speaking of Brazil, we can evidence that we are passing for an excellent and historical cycle of economic growth, each time more gaining space in the world-wide scene. Such fact if initiated when in 1994 we obtain to stabilize the currency and to diminish the inflation through the real plan that originated our the current and strong currency, the REAL. Since then, what we can evidence, it was a profit in the international credibility, making with that, great company of other countries invested in Brazil, beyond terms financial reserves enough capable of credits international resources for materialize great infrastructure projects, investments in the social area and the controls of the use of the half-environment. Analyzing this brief panorama of Brazil, we can conclude that we have that to have a sector of civil construction sufficiently solid and diversified to be able to take care of these necessities. But directly in the area of constructions, we have much work for the front, therefore Brazil possesss a habitacional deficit in about 7.934.719 housings (given IBGE – 2006) and each time more, becomes necessary to form professionals enabled in the area of civil construction. Also we must be intent to this great amount of workmanships and the little time to be constructed, inversely proportional factors that can provide diverse types of errors in the construction, errors these, that can diminish the edge of profit of the companies or the public agencies blowing up the budgets. 12 the experience acquired in 10 years of work and study in this area provides a vast field of research on the most varied errors of execution of the executive project for preparation of the place for installation of elevator in constructions.