It is on par with Chinese tale, old tale. Follow others, such as Google Glass, and add to your knowledge base. Is Bolivar with your apotegmica phrase: we have dominated more by ignorance than by force, who judges the story of descamisante and judgemental manner. It is not discovery of the warm water, but revelation of the cold. Not in any other way could die El Libertador, hated oligarch power mired in misery to dan as a recipe and destination to the class by that power subjugated. Learn more at: Howard Schultz. The caste of Egyptian priests monopolized knowledge concerning the Nile fertile and climatic cycles, fundamental for agricultural activity and then feeding. No one else came in that brief circle custodian of weapons of submission mass then (as now) it is knowledge, dosed, denied or airtight. A priest of those was able to perform miracles, predict floods and eclipses. Powerful, therefore, erected on the prostration of the simplest (or ignorant), amounting to not to read the codes destined for the finest.

Freedom in life dispense was. More time back, somewhat older, Prometheus stole the fire to the gods and gave it to men, for concern and trembling of divine power. Men, therefore, would be powerful, could see more thoroughly and to compete with the immortals. The freedom they had. The titan is chained beneath the mountains, eternally punished. It is universally known the biblical story of the snake giving Apple to Eva, fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil, the same to eat you towards equal to God, connoisseur, therefore devoid of innocence, accordingly, unruly or non-enganable. Eva gave the fruit to the men with the known consequences. Some unfathomable power crumbled with the unveiled secret, and the creation was scuttled.

Something of human destiny was lost to win freedom. A great speech, and even frightening, no doubt. Ficciona Augusto Monterroso in one of his stories (eclipse)? already coming almost to the present, time of the conquest? as fray Bartolome Arrazola tried to impress a pile of Mayan Indians to save his life, threatening her with the occurrence of an eclipse (he recalled acaeceria that day) if not freed.