Sabine Fesenmayer

The Lotus flower is one of the oldest symbols for purity, loyalty, creativity and enlightenment. According to endera, who has experience with these questions. The tropical plant lives only in water and there is anchored with its roots firmly in the mud. It grows light contrary to, is an exceptionally beautiful, exotic flower. At night, joins the flower and sinks under water. At dusk, she comes back to the surface and opens. Market launch: January 2011 the riche cream anti wrinkle hand cream intensely nourishes the skin and provides it with nutrients.

Six precious oils are combined in a rich anti age cream specifically for the hands: sunflower oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, Grapeseed Oil, copra oil and canola oil with skin smoothing and anabolic properties are known for their anti age active ingredients (link to control/body and Sun care/anti-aging-care /), your high content of essential fatty acids and vitamins. The hand cream smoothes wrinkles and Wrinkles and provides the skin intensively with minerals. For the hands of cooling and heating air particularly strained the riche can be cream apply anti wrinkle hand cream wonderfully well as a cure. Due to the rich and creamy texture, the hand cream for younger skin represents an optimal weather protection. For visibly younger-looking and stroke delicately manicured hands. Dermatologically tested.

Price: 9.90 (SFR 19.90) / tube 50 ml In the photo: soya oil, one of the plant-based active ingredients of riche cream anti wrinkle hand cream. Furthermore there are sunflower oil, sesame oil, Grapeseed Oil, copra oil, and canola oil contain. CONFIRMED efficacy: folds on the hands are smoothed out: 91% * the skin is supple, delicate: 92% * the skin is intensively supplied with construction materials: 85% * * scientific test. Smoothing the wrinkles an average of 33.6% compared to 91% of women (22 users). * Application test with 26 women. % Rate of satisfaction of market launch: starting immediately, Sabine Fesenmayer, Yves Rocher GmbH

Product Tester In The Beauty Area

Like product tester in terms of beauty product tester or product tester, which can be you on two ways. On the one hand, you can work after completed training as a chef, food chemist, housekeeping champion or similar in the industry in the test mode. Here it comes above all, to ensure for getting consistent quality in production. When it comes to new products nearing launch test to leave or to use even test reports as part of the marketing for a new product placed on the market, are the companies most Otto-normal consumer. These days, you find yourself about product ester portals on the Internet. A special training not provided used here normally, everything either is sent with the product or there is a short course. Good knowledge of and experience with the product category are very helpful. For the test report shall be afterwards course of high quality.

In the beauty, the requirements are still something special area. Here must not only scrupulously and freely as possible by your own taste tested and evaluated, although that is of course not always one hundred percent. But the testers and testers need to assess also capitalize, how trendy the product is, whether it meets the spirit of the times. So, one should be a personality which deals with cosmetics and fashion out of personal interest. A product tester or a product tester that spends most of the time, as the name implies, to test the product. This not only means that he or she used the product once and then has a fixed opinion. Rather, the product under different circumstances and considerations to be examined.

How easy is the application? The product is suitable for everyday or just worth the effort just for special occasions? For example, what happens if you sweat in the summer? Can there be problems if you use the product together with other products? From the sheer plethora of knowledge the product tester must or to the end of writing a descriptive report product tester and draw the right conclusions. Just the assessment, how much certain positive and negative impressions (and there is almost always both) against each other out should be weighed, requires some understanding of the matter, but also of the ideas and expectations of future buyers and buyers. Because in the end it comes not only how well the product liked the product tester or the product tester, but readers should get conveyed the necessary information, then for themselves to appreciate, whether or how the product itself is suitable for. Who works full time as a product tester or product tester, can make to his (or her) living. Most but especially like to use the advantage that you can always again completely free try out the latest cosmetic or fashion. Often the companies send entire sample packages, where many different products will find the man himself