The Culture Of Innovation

Manager need to be ideas catalysts and build a culture of innovation within their companies. How to do this, innovation consultant Jens Uwe Meyer discusses in his book. “Creative despite tie by the Manager to the catalytic converter: how to build a culture of innovation.” So reads the title of a new book that is published by BusinessVillage. Book strong in the 240-page shows Jens-Uwe Meyer, one of the leading experts for innovation, what the world’s most innovative companies do differently and how companies become idea factories. It’s time to clean up radically with the classical approaches of innovation”, says Meyer. Doug Oberhelman follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Many executives have the idea that creativity through the usual methods of management control leave. “The result is that they manage ideas instead produce.” In his book, Meyer shows how companies can build a culture of innovation, promotes the creativity rather than stifle it. “Most companies are misaligned, he stressed.

The structures have been created to daily business to manage not to generate ideas.” In his book, Meyer cleans up with numerous prejudices. For example with the steadfast belief of many people, only such professional groups such as artists, architects and designers are creative and innovative. Meyer for this purpose: many managers who wear from morning until evening suit and tie, are creative, or they should be, at least. “Because otherwise they can lead your company in the future.” “A further prejudice that refuted Meyer, a Leipzig trade university professorship in corporate creativity” has, is: just as individuals and possibly small teams are creative. Meyer’s credo: also (wholesale) companies can creative and innovative be, provided that the necessary conditions exist. You must be mostly even today.

Otherwise they cannot survive in the global competition.” The book”creative without a tie consists of eight chapters. The first chapter explains how Meyer, what innovative companies other than their Make competitors. Here he introduces, inter alia, the results of a study, worldwide created his consultancy on the 26 most innovative corporations including not only such companies like Apple, Amazon and Intel, which are widely considered innovative, but also Toyota, Banco Santander, and General Electric.